Do you still want to get some swings in, when the north is frozen solid?

 Is softball done for the season - NO!  Don't have a Saturday date; you do now!

Friday & Saturday nights - Slo-pitch softball

Keep in shape - early Spring Training games. Men's Comp, Rec & Co-ed Divisions

New Location & Times

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New Dome


To be announced

Starts     January 03, 2014

               Finish       March, 29, 2014

Games: Friday and/or Saturdays nights

                 2 Divisions:   Competitive Men's

                                    Open Recreational  

                Rec is open and women can play


Games times below    Map & Direction to dome

Free dome softball Experience Clinic

This orientation event prepares the players for the up coming league games.

Thunder Buffaloes - 2009 Champions - Comp Division


The dome continues to be a big slo-pitch success. This is the largest air dome in Southern Ontario,

250 x 300 ft. field with a 60' ceiling and closely resembles the outdoor field that you would play on in the summer.

  •  The best comfy Astroturf

  • Better illumination – easier to see and track the ball.

  • BIG FIELD gives the real keep in shape ball practice. Out-fielders and batters have a normal play area.

  • We use a real neon yellow ball (not mush) to make it easier to see against the dome roof.

  • Opened until 2-AM.

Player Registration - Contact:


Wayne Crowley  ph & Fax      647 692-1432

cell      416 518-0542


12 Leyton Ave, Scarborough, ON, M1L 3T4

Individual Player    Full payment -  Nov 15

Team deposit          Nov 15 & Full - Dec 31

Payments: Cash, E-mail, Cheque, Credit Card

Limited Registration Space

Teams and individuals are welcomed on a first come basis. This is an 8 to 10 team league with 1 team being made up from the individual registrations.



Red Sox - 2009 Champions - Rec Division

We play on Friday/Saturday nights for 12 weeks of league games plus 1 sudden death playoffs game.


The official game is 7 Umpired innings or time limit. We use the board for balls and strikes.

Each team plays once per week, in one of the following time slots.


Game times -  all games start promptly

 Saturday Night  12:00, 1:15 am

 Friday Night       12:00, 1:15 am

Game Rules

Banned Bats

Award Prizes

Team - individual Cost

Map & Direction to Dome


Team Photos

2012 - Page 1       Page 2

2009 - A-division    B-division

2007 - A-division    B-division

2006 - A-division    B-division

2005 - A-division    B-division

2004  - A-division   B-division

2003   -  pictures

We thank the previous players for the success and constructive reviews.

We have incorporate those thoughts into the new Scarborough location and are excited to be able to offer this service again in 2012.


Download - team Roster  

Roster - Excel format  

Score Sheet  

Print - Schedule  

Print -  Waiver  

Print -  Rules  

These downloads are interactive programs. Modify them to suit your game requirements.

You can over-type & make changes on the screen, then print without saving the file to your computer. Or save your changes to disk.

If you save to disk it goes directly to your storage device for later recall.

If you open a file (for viewing or modification) then "save as" - the program will ask you for a password. Don't panic - hit cancel and then it will take you to your storage device.

General information

First to sign up are the ones that get to play!  Teams & Individual players

Map & Direction to dome

  Winter Indoor Slo-pitch Tournament - TBA

                                1-day Saturday tournament - maximum of 4 team.

                                Use it as spring training - inside, dry, warm, play in T-shirt comfort.

On site snack Bar, team photo, prizes.

Summer games available for your rain out days- contact:

Wayne Crowley  ph & Fax  647 692-1432  cell 416 518-0542

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