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This page has a growing collection of game tips, game forms and miscellaneous members reports on events. These documents can be printed from your Web Browser or saved to disk for personal editing. Set your browser's printer to .5" margins, top, bottom & sides.

General Downloads - see Local Maps

                                 Florida Maps

Game Forms

Team - Roster - SPO    With SPO waiver & logo

Team - Roster - SPN    With SPN waiver & logo

Score Sheet                    Simple score sheet for practice games - both teams on same sheet

Score Sheet                    single team - PFD format

Round Robin Schedules                 Good helper if planning a tournament or league - up to 10 teams

Game Tips  

Slo-pitch batter line up                  Discusses the aging team's modifications to the line up

When to be home or Visitors         Discusses the plus 7 tie breaker most tournament use

Senior league & SPN tournaments  Points out variations between Seniors league to tournament requirements

Winning the Flip        Discusses tje fine points of home vs visitors.

Team Leader - training    - how to run teams - step by step with many coaching tips

Approved & Non approved Bats        ASA Website

Web Tips

How to use, create and point website hyperlinks for your e-mail

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