Round Robin Play-off to end the season

Reminder – there is no game on the September long weekend.

Play-off series: all teams start with zero points

In this final round-robin event all teams play each other once.

The team achieving the most points (games won) is the league Champion.

In the play-off, all games are played to a win (no ties).

The team finishing higher up than their opponent from the regular season games, gets to choose -

       Home or Visitors, in the play-off games.

See current league standings & Schedule


Following this 3-game series, there is a banquet to end off another great season.

The “Anne Oake” trophy is the prize awarded at the banquet to the team

finishing 1st in the round robin series.


The photo below is from the 2015 Banquet where the trophy first saw light.





Pictured here are:

Anne Oake on the left

Manfred Maier (Navy team) middle

league director

Wayne Crowley on the right









The first trophy presentation took place on Sept 20, 2015 at the Queen Victoria Pub. 

Anne Oake (Shea) was on hand to be honored and see the trophy's debut.

Homes Publishing's Navy team was the first trophy recipient.


Steve Oake pictured above, holding the “Anne Oake” trophy, is also the Trophy’s sponsor.

Having a trophy was Steve idea alone, he promoted it and the league accepted.

How the Championship Trophy came to be

Steve's words:

“My Mom will celebrate her 95th birthday in November 2015.

She is a huge baseball fan. I’d like you to allow me to purchase a trophy for the league, championship, in her honor.

This will probably be the most exciting gift she ever received.”


The trophy is awarded each ball season at the banquet final and Anne Oake was able to attend the 1st awarding in 2015.


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