Softball Registration and Liability Wavier

                        Scarborough Over 55 Competitive Slo-Pitch League

12 Leyton Ave, Scarborough, ON, M1L 3T4 - Cell 416 518-0542 - Fax 647 692-1432 or e-mail:


Name  _____________________________________     Spouse  _________________

E-MAIL ______________________________________________________________

Street ______________________________________    Unit    ____________________

City ________________________________________    Postal  ___________________

Cell Ph  _______________________                                Home Ph  _________________

Date-of-Birth __________________


Tean Name ________________________________        Shirt Size _________________

Usual playing positions ____________________  Highest Level Last 2 Yrs ___________

Subbing for other teams: On occasion teams have a player shortage - would you like

your name added to the, “Call When Needed” spare list? This is a double header day.

                 Circle all that apply:    Yes        No        Maybe


Emergency Contact Person _________________________________________________

Best Ph numbers: __________________/_________________ Relationship ____________


I the undersigned, acknowledge that I am aware of the risk of injury inherent in the

playing of Slo-Pitch Softball, and I am willing to accept that risk.

I hereby forever release, remise and discharge the Scarborough Over 55 Competitive

Slo-Pitch League, its officers, managers, members, agents and servants of and from all

actions, causes of actions, claims and demands arising from my membership in the

league and/or my participation in its activities.

I understand and agree to adhere to all rules of play as set forth by the League and I am

aware of the fact that I may be suspended from play without notice or recourse, financial

or otherwise by the Umpire or the person in charge of the league.

I hereby authorize the Scarborough Over 55 Competitive Slo-Pitch League, or anyone

acting on their behalf, to seek and acquire any necessary medical aid, care or attention

that may be required by the undersigned, as a result of any accident or injury that may

be sustained by the undersigned player.

I have read and understand the foregoing and my signature is affixed voluntarily. 

Dated: _________________ Signature: _________________________________


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