Scarborough Over 55 Competitive Slo-Pitch League - 2019 update

     Regular SPN softball rules except as listed below.

   1  Registration Form & Waivers: Each player/person must turn in a signed, properly filled in (readable) waiver before going on the field.

   2  Lost or found items: If you find something - Do not take it home! Give it to the convener ONLY or his appointed receiver (usually umpire). If no one is there, report it to the convener. If you have lost something contact the convener.

   3  Home Team: is the first team on the schedule. In play-offs home team is determined by leading points or a coin toss.

   4  Bases: First game - home team puts down the bases (unless already in place). Base distance is 60 ft.  Last game - final inning: the team on the field – Please bring in the bases and put them in their designated storage area.

   5  Commitment & Scoring Line in effect. The plate (any part) must be used for an out and there is no tagging behind commitment line.

   6  Pitching: The pitching arc will be 6 to 12 feet. Strike zone is a home plate mat approx. 24”x36"

   7  No batter’s Box: A batter may bat from any position in relation to home plate as long as he does not contact the strike-plate, or have his entire foot in front of, or behind, the strike-plate when the ball is struck.

   8  Bats: used during play will be supplied by the League. Similar bats acquired by a team will not be allowed, and if used, the game will be defaulted by the offending team.

   9  Mercy Rule: – Five (5) runs per inning with the last inning open.

 10  Courtesy Runners:  A runner can only be replaced (injury excepted) at the base he reached from his turn at bat and must be replaced before the next pitch is tossed. No runners from the screen.

 11  Homerun - Runner Options: On an over-the-fence homer, all runners have the option of: touching all the bases to go home or only advancing 1 base and then go directly off the field.

 12  Anticipation step allowed: after ball crosses the plate.

 13  Sliding is allowed: at all bases except home plate. Tagging for an out is required at all bases except home plate.

 14  Time limits: No inning starts after 80 minutes with a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes game time limit.

 15  Infield & Warm-ups: Umpires are responsible to maintain time limits. After the 1st inning any & all warmups are at the Umpire’s discretion. The objective is to complete maximum innings.

 16  Grace period: 15 minutes - which will be deducted from the allowed game time.

 17  Default Game:  No player limits to start the game, but must end with 8. If starting with less than 11 of their own players, a team can borrow players to field a team up to, but not exceeding 11 players. All managers have the responsibility to find substitute players to avoid a league default. Players borrowed from other league teams must wear thier own team shirt so the outfielders can identify who they are and not confuse them as new players. Please borrow players for the "purpose of fielding a team" and not to win a game. Try to replace the player with a similar skill as the one lost. In play-offs, all teams should have players from their own roster.

 18  Play-off Qualification: To be eligible to play in the final games, a player must have participated - a minimum of 33% of the regular season games. (A 15-season game = 5 to qualify)

 19  Player removed from game: will not be a void in the batting line up or an out. Go to the next batter on the list. Once removed the player may not re-enter the game.  Unlimited batters allowed.

 20  Player injury: The ball shall be declared dead when a player is injured seriously enough that: in the opinion of the umpire, he needs immediate assistance. Play will cease & all base runners must return to the last base touched.

 21  Rainout Scoring: If game-1 is rained out, so is game-2. When both teams are rained out, these games will not be made up as all teams should have equal numbers of games to determine league standings.  The exception would be if one game played on a given day and the other did not. In this case, the teams short a game will play a 4-point game on their next meeting. If they are not to meet again (last 3 weeks) and it affects the league standing – a plan will be devised at that time.

 22  Field Fitness: The playing fitness of the field shall be decided before the game by the umpires in consultation with team managers. Once the game has begun, the umpires will be the sole judges to suspension or postpone the game.

 23 Ties:  Allowed in season games. No ties allowed in the play-off games – play to a win. Use extra innings in play-off games.

  24 Extra innings guidelines: The Batter following last batter at the plate (out or not) – starts at 2nd base. (He can have a runner replacement, if desired.)

     Each batter has 1 ball and 1 strike on them (therefore: it is a 2 strike and 3 balls game).

     The intent of the rule is to bring extra-inning games to a speedier conclusion as we might be over the allowed permit time.

 25 TeamTie breaker: 1 -Most runs for   2 -Least runs against   3 -Head to head if applicable   4 -coin toss

Interpretation & suggestions: Contact your: A -Team Manager, B -League Director, C -League Treasurer

Rules changes are voted on by the team Managers. In the event of a tie, executives members decided the vote.

No rule may be waived or amended either by agreement or consent of players, managers, umpires or officials of the League.

Submit game scores to Wayne Crowley    416 518-0542  or e-mail to:

League team standings will be posted weekly on the Website.


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