The Florida trip outline

The Florida trip outline

Length of stay

Members' stay varies from a few days to a few months and many SoBs winter in Florida’s Treasurer Is. area. For those going just to play in the tournament the usual stay is 7 or 8 days. Prior to the tournament we arrange Tuesday through Thursday warm up exhibition games (mostly with the Florida Beaches). I recommend arriving the Mon or earlier prior to the tournament date to catch these exhibition games, which will add to your fun and offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with the Florida Beach members. If you want to stay longer add to one end or the other of the tournament dates. Here is an overview of the week’s program.

All of this is optional and of course people can do what they want at any time, but this is a thumb sketch of traditional events.


For ball we have exhibition games against our Florida Cousins – the Florida "Sons of Beaches", on Tues. & Thurs. and some other team on the Wed. These are morning 9:00 am to noon double headers followed by a lunch social. The real Tournament is on the Sat. and Sunday with 2 games on each day.


In the evening for the groupies, we have group dinners: the R-Bar for all-you-can-eat crab legs, Sam Seltzers for steaks and Cody’s Pub for giant 2-for-1 drinks and 2-for-1 meals are popular gatherings along with evening socials at the headquarter resort.


On Friday & Monday some guys golf and others shop around. There are many fine eating and dining places in the area for those who wish to slip off on their own and last year, one of our members slipped off and bought a house in Florida.


Tournament Requirements

To be eligible to play in the tournament each player must be individually registered with the FHCA (Florida Half Century Association). Only current FHCA member teams can register players. In Canada, the only member is the Toronto Sons of Beaches. Player registration is a lifetime purchase and payment is in US dollars. The 2005 cost is $25.00 USD.

Getting carded requires the player to submit their original birth certificate, citizenship document or passport (expired one will work) with the application and it is returned with the player’s new Half Century card. Make a copy of the original document in case there is an unforeseen mail lost and send our Florida Coordinator the original with $25 US to register you. If mail is not satisfactory a courier can be hired for both ways for whatever they charge. You can not registered in Florida on the trip because the registration office is on the other side of the state (Deerfield Beach - Atlantic side).

Being carded is only required for those playing in the weekend tournament. You do not need to be carded to play the exhibition games and many members (the 60s group) go to Florida to enjoy the mid-week exhibitions games and do something else on the weekend.

If going ahead on the Florida plan, you can do the Florida registration anytime during the year at your convenience.

So this is Florida, write or phone me for clarification where needed.

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