Directions to Kitchener – the downtown HQ

400 East Ave. Kitchener (corner of Ottawa St & Weber St.)      

Headquarters is at the Kitchener Auditorium Complex situated in the Kinsmen Centre (Carlsberg Has).  Diamonds maps will be available at Headquarters.




Take 401 west to exit - Kitchener waterloo which is

Conestoga expressway - When it splits

 keep to right going towards waterloo

First exit is Ottawa street

When you come to a stop make a left & follow Ottawa St to Weber and You will see the auditorium.



This function is combined with Oktoberfest, look for the baseball section. Pickup maps and games times.

If late pickup map at Auditorium and see what field we are at on the board.

1 Fastbridge Sportsfield
2 N.C.R.
3 Joe Thompsom
4 Bridgesport sportsfield
5 Breithaupt Park
6 Fisher-hallman Pk
7 Woodside Pk
8 Kaufman Pk    9 Knollwood (Sheppard School)    10 Crosby Pk    11 Rosenburg Pk
12 Wilson Pk    12 Wilson School        14 Peter hallman Bell yards (Blockline)
15 Rittenhouse Pk    16 Budd Pk    17 B.F.G    18 Hofstetter Pk    19 Southwest Optimist Pk
20 Conestoga College    21 Breslau Pk    22 Riverside Pk - Green    23 Savage    24 Riverside Pk - White
25 Kinsmen Pk    26 Franklin School    27 Lions Arena    28 Optimus Park = 5 diamonds



Speed traps.

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